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Our silvering

Seval is one of the few Italian firms that nowadays silver glass by hand. It works and silvers flat, curved, hollow, melted and brick glass.

Silvering is done by coating one or more faces of the glass object with silver nitrate so that on the opposite face(s) the glare is produced.

We are able to adapt silvering to internal uses (as furnishing, ornamentation) and to external uses (for example outdoor decorations, building, or concentrated solar power). Silvering for interiors can be both normal or antiqued.

We silver transparent as well as coloured glass, and we might realize a finishing in order to protect the work.

Silvering can be combined with other techniques, such as sandblasting, decoration with virtifying varnishes, serigraphy and melted coloured glass mosaics. Furthermore, we can customize it with some decoration, word, sentence, symbol, stylised drawing, using different techniques according to the sought result.

Our other craftings:

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