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Our activity - What we do

Activity: silvering, sandblasting and painting flat, curved, hollow, melted and brick glass. We work for multiple sectors: furnishing, building, clothing, gift items, energy (concentrated solar power).

Kind of work: manual, the manufactury is entirely handmade. The techniques that we use are the result of two generations-lasting research and development, which we carry out still today.

Results: the high quality of our products, the possibility of  adequating the manufacture to the customer's needs, and the capacity of responding to diverse requests, both for lthe arge and the retail markets.

Among our main collaborations: silvered glass bricks for the Maison Hermès building in Tokyo; silvered multiple articles for the company Seves SpA of Florence; silvered vases for Egizia company; silvered and antiqued mirrors for the London Franklin hotel;silvered mirrors designed by the architect Philippe Starck and produced by Glass Italia company.


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